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2009-03-01 » Added more Forums

Forums on Russian LispWorks as well as open-source projects (YstokGrid, YstokHelp, YstokSQL) are available now.

Do not forget to specify English language on registering.

2008-01-10 » YstokReports

The development library for generation of reports is put into production.

2007-10-28 » Switched to NSIS installer

Our products are delivered with NSIS from now on. Take a look at Trial Edition.

2007-09-01 » Ystok-Sportclub

The e-business system for stadium and fitness center management is put into production.

2006-01-06 » Ystok-Tournament 1.3

The first-class tournament software is available in English now! Take a look at presentation slides. The trial version is also available.