Ystok-Tournament Trial Edition

The Trial version of Ystok-Tournament does not require any additional libraries and eats rather small room from the disk. The application keeps all its files in a single folder, which is removed by the Uninstaller.
The intallation instructions are below.

Quantitative limitations

  1. Entries in an individual tournament: up to 8
  2. Group competitors: up to 8
  3. Athlete database records: up to 8
  4. Slots in a daily timetable: up to 4
  5. Logos in a document header or footer: up to 2
  6. Medalists per group in reports: up to 4

Qualitative limitations

  1. None of the following options is present: Scheduler, Team, Ranking, Tournament-Web, and Smart-Cards.
  2. The tournament files created with a paid version can only be viewed by means of the Trial Edition in read-only mode: modifying and re-saving them are deliberately disabled.


  1. Log into Windows as an administator.
  2. Download the Setup Wizard ytournament-m-n-trial.exe to your computer.
  3. Start it e.g. by DOUBLE-CLICK in the Windows Explorer and follow the Setup Wizard instructions:

By default, the Setup Wizard creates shorcuts on the Desktop and in the menu
  Start → All Programs → Ystok-Tournament m.n Trial