Ystok-Tournament Options


With this optional module, a federation or sports club can easily maintain player rankings. The ranking lists are based on the player database and stratify all the registered players into groups by gender and age. For every player, a ranking file stores rate in singles and doubles, points in singles and doubles, and other activity and history information.

On commencing a tournament, the program helps in copying the rate and points numbers into the entry list. These figures are used later for seeding and randomizing.

On ending the tournament, the rankings can be easily updated by a single menu command. Several methods of allocating and dropping ranking points are built-in. Allocation methods:

Drop methods:

The module calculates points in doubles separately from points in singles.


This optional module helps you to populate your Web-site. The module exploits the HTML-Template technology and allows tournament information to be seamlessly integrated with an arbitrary site design. In the Tournament Settings dialog, your can customize the following parameters:

The program can publish several files (in HTML, PDF, or another format) with a single menu command. Uploading is implemented by means of FTP.

Coupled with the ranking module, the portal option equips Ystok-Tournament with these useful features: