Ystok-Systema is a small IT development company situated in Moscow, Russia and founded in 1999. Historically, Ystok-Systema played in domestic IT market delivering products and services in Russia.

One question could be how do you pronounce "Ystok" anyway? It is homonymous with "istock" or "East-ok" but sounds [is-t'ök] with the second syllable accented. The next question would be what does "ystok" mean? In Russian, this noun stands for "origin" or "source".

What makes us especial in the diversity of the software world?

It is technology, basing on open standards, using open-source code.


No wonder all our people are Russian, well-educated computer professionals with good written and spoken English language skills. Our lead developers have a Ph.D. in Computer Science or a related fields.


Previously, Ystok-Systema was a coworker and partner of ARL Consulting B.V., an IT company with the headquarter in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and two development departments situated in Russia.

We stopped the relationships after Microsoft's developing tools became the only adopted by ARL Consulting B.V.