Ystok-Tournament is a computer-aided tournament system. It allows sports organizers to manage the athlete database, register entries, group them by gender, age, and weight, make brackets (draws), plan matches, and enter results.

Ystok-Tournament supports combat sports and martial arts as well as racket games.

The following national martial arts are supported by the Russian version only.

The software supports both individual and team competitions. Someone may use it for teams sports (football, hockey etc.) by entering team names instead of athlete names but cannot maintain team members lists.

Main Features

Useful Features

Software Editions

Chief Edition
The most popular version for the tournament chief referee/umpire or secretary. The features described above are as of this edition.
The delivered software package supports
Reception Edition
Simplified version for a receptionist desk with the functions limited to:
Federation Edition
The version for a country-wide or regional sports federation or association.
Trial Edition
The demonstrational version of a limited functionality can be downloaded for free at this page.

System Requirements

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