YstokReport is a report definition and generation framework. The library is Lisp implementation-specific and targeted at LispWorks, a Common Lisp development system for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux platforms. It is based on CAPI and does not require any DLL or OLE components.

Main features:

PDF and Adobe Acrobat/AcroReader automation

PDF documents are generated by means of cl-pdf/cl-typesetting (
fractalconcept.com). With YstokReport, the user can print out reports or preview them in the Adobe Acrobat, Adobe AcroReader, or another PDF viewer. On Windows, a fine-tuned control over the Acrobat or AcroReader is provided by means of the LispWorks DDE API.

Top-level report primitives

Macros exported from the ystok.report package allow the user to define a category hierarchy as well as specific report types and functions.

(rr:define-category cat1 () :title "Category 1")
(rr:define-report pdf-1-and-2-1 (:categories (cat1 cat2) :format :pdf)
  :title "Sample report categorized under 1 & 2"
  :interval '(:start t :end t :range :quarter)
  :panes '(...)

Report generation settings

The Reports tab can be added to the common Settings dialog of any CAPI application that is based on the YstokWidgets library. This tab presents panes and check boxes for controlling report generation-related parameters:

Report board

The Report board window presents the following features:


The ex1.lisp sample file was used to produce this report.